Bitter Harvest

Bitter Harvest ★½

Bitter Harvest had a potential to be great, chronicling the Ukrainian massacre at the hands of the Russians but the bland acting and the focus on the love story that became more melodramatic than keeping the film historically accurate made Bitter Harvest one of the more forgettable period pieces.
Terrence Stamp does the best with what he has to work with but his role is a minor one and therefore can't really do much for the overall story. The slow pacing of the story coupled with the lack of chemistry the two leads share onscreen(when they are in the same scene together which is often few and far between) make for characters that become very hard to become invested. The actors have a hard time making the dialogue come off as convincing and even the action just feels mundane due to strange editing through the scenes.
While Bitter Harvest is not insulting, it's just a rather bland period piece that had the potential to be more.

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