Baby Driver

Baby Driver ★★★★½

Baby Driver is Edgar Wright's crime action masterpiece and this film feels like a choreographed dance with every move the actors make just paring seamlessly with the soundtrack that is the heartbeat and through line of the film and it's a really good soundtrack. Ansel Elgort is the perfect choice to helm the film as the titular Baby as his charisma, style and acting chops just work to perfection here.
Jon Hamm was also so brilliant in his role as his character has a lot of depth(he's not just playing a typical thug) and his role as a mentor of sorts for Ansel's Baby was compelling and engaging.
The action scenes are all paced so dynamically and the feel of all the real car scenes just help give those scenes that dangerous feel that made them throughly enjoyable to have witnessed.
While there's a lot to love, some characters just weren't as strong as others. Jamie Foxx does a great job but his character feels out of place and added to just give Baby some more adversity to deal with-as he's constantly questioning Baby's commitment. Lily James plays her love interest role well enough but the film just give their relationship much room to blossom and kind of falls flat.Kevin Spacey plays the same role he's known for but can't really complain because it's a role he pulls off convincingly(and his character is needed for the film to work).
Baby Driver is a damn good film(the pluses by far surpass my nitpicking) and such a cinematic sight to behold.
Sony already wants Edgar Wright to make a sequel and this world definitely has potential(strong world building) to carry forward into other installments.

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