A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story ★★★

Ghost Story is Casey Affleck's C wearing an actual bed sheet as a ghost for ninety-two minutes. Casey Affleck dies in an accident and becomes a ghost and the film follows not only his journey as a ghost but flashbacks to his relationship with Rooney Mara's M.
This movie is often almost a silent film with the cinematography and the physical acting of Mara and an actual walking sheet to convey emotion and its often fairly effective. Several scenes do drag on for quite awhile including an elongated scene where Mara sits on the floor and eats.
The film then goes through time really quickly to the center of the film that's this long scene that seems to just spell out the entire message of the film in what seems like stilted dialogue in a scene that seems thrown in to dumb down or explain the story to audiences.
The last third of this film is some of the most unique storytelling and engaging cinematography but while the timing is still a bit jarring, it seems to become a tad easier to follow. The narrative takes the film to interesting places and tries to raise thought provoking questions about life and death even if it doesn't seem too concerned in actually giving any answers.
Plot elements are thrown in scattered brained at times and the ending seems to happen quite abruptly, but Ghost Story's ability to use physical storytelling as its narrative should be commended and it's a great film overall.

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