Moneyball ★★★★

Honestly hard to swallow not because of Beane but because how all the billionaire owners took the wrong lessons of this accomplishment and decided to no longer pay players what they’re worth. In 2011, the tech revolt hadn’t happened yet and no one knew how they would fake economic growth through future valuation so well to exploit all of us over the decade and extract every ounce of labor. Like The Social Network, a film almost preposterously dated by its ability to see the numbers right now but not what tomorrow could bring, misunderstanding the very thing at its center. This movie works overtime to teach us that every part of Late Capitalism—firing veterans who humanize the game, giving it over to privileged (White Male) Ivy Leaguers, a central focus on data as a religion when all it does is find new ways to reduce labor and the players who actually do the work—is actually cool and fun and what is necessary in a recession.

“Once I saw Randy slip, I was like, oh, sure, at least we tied it up and then he missed the ball. I don’t know what happened, but then he scored. And next thing I know, I’m airplaning....and on the field and I get dog piled and here I am talking to the boys.”

It’s still fucking baseball and it’s hard not to be romantic.