Favorite films

  • Suspiria
  • Shin Godzilla
  • There Will Be Blood
  • Doctor Sleep

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  • Cyborg 3: The Recycler


  • Cyborg 2


  • Cyborg


  • Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers


Recent reviews

  • Cyborg 3: The Recycler

    Cyborg 3: The Recycler

    This Cyborg movie has Richard Lynch and Malcolm McDowell so it's possibly the best one!? It also has a Zach Galligan who I awkwardly met one time at a Gremlins screening. But most of the movie is very Mad Max lite and has some weird pro-birth abortion messaging. It looks like it was mostly filmed in the Arizona dessert and it shows.

  • Cyborg 2

    Cyborg 2

    Decided to watch all the Cyborg movies, what are you going to do about it?...That's what I thought. This one is fun enough with an up and coming Angelina Jolie and a post Turtles-pre Crash Elia Koteas. On the sidelines you also have Jack Palance and Billy Drago. It's slightly better made than the first one and has that mid 90s low budget action movie feel that everyone loves.

Popular reviews

  • Graveyard Shift

    Graveyard Shift


    Stephen King at his schlocky best and one of the rare times when adapting a short story really works. All the main actors are just charming or weird enough to push us along into the rat/bat basement. Sure, you can do better (The Shining/Doctor Sleep) and you can do worse (take your pick) as far as King stuff goes. But this one hits at the right point when big practical effects were still a thing and we were still early enough into King being a thing that even obscure Night Shift stories could be on the big screen.

  • Beethoven


    Humankind and nature have always existed in an unsteady truce. Humans use their hands and minds to fight great beast to outlast a brutal age. The creation of fire lead to us conquering the void of the night and the creation of agriculture lead to the emergence of true civilization, we were no longer tied to the elements but had become elemental. In this quest to tame the world we found ourselves taming the mighty canine inspiring entire breeds from…