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the director of ex machina brings you: the most confusing and outright boring, beginning to a film that you’ve ever seen. going into this, I had no idea what to expect, especially since the first 15 minutes does this film zero justice. first of all, I’d just like to know since when is three oscar issacs is a PROBLEM???? last time I checked that was perfectly okay in my book. but as with any sci-fi movie the ending either 1. has nothing to do with the film or 2. sucks; and in this case it was severely,,,,,lacking. Up until Natalie Portman reaches her final destination I was enthralled, my eyes not leaving the screen. sci-fi movies tend to be overdrawn and cheesy, yet this was one was fully captivating with an interesting plot. however 4.5/5 overall since men clearly cant start OR finish anything,,,, Annihilation should have been a 4/5,,,but it was just so god damn GOOD!

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