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  • In the City of Sylvia

  • Velvet Goldmine

  • Summertime

  • Together

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  • In the City of Sylvia

    In the City of Sylvia

    The homeless man who aggressively calls him a hick after being rejected doesn't jar him out of his sexual stupor. At that moment, it falls out of any attempt of naturalism into pure fantasy. This city becomes not a palimpsest of the past but a canvas that he's attempting to draw out. All that he can do is beautiful young white women, and that's what we mainly get.
    After confessing his fantasy to the fake Sylvia, she laughs and then…

  • Velvet Goldmine

    Velvet Goldmine

    You can't fake being gay, most of these kids aren't going to make it, one rival band comments on TV.
    If only that were the case with this movie, its inspiration and the influence.

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  • United Red Army

    United Red Army

    A movie in which no one knows what self-criticism is. Crit/self-crit is probably the most radical tool within Maoist organizing, in addition to the mass line, and the only proper corrective to our liberal individualist ego-centric way of thinking that capitalism relies on. To understand that our actions belong not just to us and to consciously work to better ourselves, not for our self (cf capitalist self-care), but for our comrades.
    Here it's vulgarized into a tool for dominating and…

  • Mind Game

    Mind Game

    So I made you for my entertainment, what's wrong with that?
    To live sincerely, that's the only weapon against a wall.
    The most artistic sex scene on film: an expressionistic bossa nova music video of trains running into the water with a white splash.