Koyaanisqatsi ★★

A non-narrative, wordless opera filled with nuclear paranoia. The images are initially striking, but once one learns that that's all we're getting - striking images -then the impact is soon lost. I found myself drifting off in a similar manner to when I read a poorly-written book, looking at the images but not understanding them at all. This is not a poorly-made film, but these image are ten a penny these days, time lapses of motorways at night and sweeping drone shots over treetops are found in every other YouTube vlog.

My mum recalled being blown away at the techniques when seeing them at her university cinema the year after it came out but, upon rewatch, even she admitted it had become merely an interesting experiment to the modern viewer. The grandiose, mythic tone is rather overbearing and the music (I'll admit, I'm not really a music guy) is restless and one-note.

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