I am a HUGE movie buff, love watching movies in theaters & even collecting them on DVD/Blu-Ray lol

Favorite films

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Apocalypse Now
  • Pan's Labyrinth

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  • A Journal for Jordan


  • Betty White: A Celebration


  • Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America


  • Poupelle of Chimney Town


Recent reviews

  • Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

    Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City


    The acting wasn’t that great, but at least this movie felt more horror/thriller unlike the Mila Jovovich ones, which mainly just relied on action.  Those were “fun” movies in my opinion, but this one I felt I was done a lot better story-wise.  & from what I’ve heard, this one’s more accurate to the video games, so it gets a point for that

  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    I don’t understand why this needed to be almost 3 hours long-felt like this long, drawn out soap opera that might’ve played better as a series instead of one super long movie.  The acting was alright I guess, but nothing special-not even Gaga’s performance was as amazing as everyone says.  Lot of the acting was Italian accents that seemed they were trying too hard to sound Italian-especially Jared Leto who was unrecognizable.  A lot of it just seemed pretty over the top

Popular reviews

  • Music



    A lot of people seemed to criticize this movie just because an actress who isn’t autistic got cast as someone with autism, so they deem this movie offensive based on that alone.  Non-disabled actors/actresses have been casted in movies before portraying people with disabilities and yet those movies didn’t get backlash like Music is getting.

    With that aside, the movie itself was decent.  Great performances by Kate Hudson and Leslie Odom Jr, and newcomer Maddie Ziegler gave a pretty good…

  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines


    Great story with lots of great jokes & humor, but also heart too!  Especially a must-watch for film students/younger people who are thinking of studying film-I think they’d really appreciate this!  The animation is also very good.  Definitely could tell the people who made this put in a lot of time & effort with even fine little details.  Glad it got a theatrical release to some capacity (only 2 days), but really wish it could’ve gotten a regular theatrical release so more people could experience it on the big screen as opposed to Netflix