Tenet ★★★½

I’m gonna have to see this movie again for sure, preferably with subtitles when I’m able to watch at home. Some of the best action sequences since The Dark Knight trilogy, a stunning score from Ludwig Göransson, and an excellent John David Washington lead performance make for an incredibly entertaining watch. 

Robert Pattinson is the perfect Watson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson makes the most of his limited screen time. I’m not crazy about Kenneth Branagh in general, I don’t really know why. He’s good but someone else could’ve taken this role to another level. Imagine Aiden Gillen in the role, and you made the character Irish or Scottish instead, BADASS.

The sound, like many have said, was a problem. I kept leaning in trying to hear the muffled dialogue. Perhaps this was a deliberate choice by Nolan and if he was trying to make his film more confusing it worked.

I don’t even know where to put this in my Nolan ranking yet. Expect a change after a second viewing. So glad I saw it in theaters though.

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