Climax ★★★½

This is what “give your soul to the dance” looks like.

Step Up to the final region of hell and never return. Get on the rollercoaster, after you’ve gulped down the Sprite bottle from Good Time, that catapults you uphill until you feel lightheaded with your limbs flailing on their own as your brain gets horrifically mangled till it falls off. You either find a way to exist on this Satanic dance-floor or spiral out of control in the depths of illusion. Contortionists’ seductive body language, orgasmic movements pairing with hallucinogenic substance and Gaspar’s jagged-edge cruelty that gash open the psyche. Surrounded by hypnotic flashes of light, the camera strolls through the orgiastic derangement with absolute regurgitating effect, but before that was a long bore - Namely gibberish after gibberish - The drug only kicks in after a while but when it explodes...climax’s reached with my head being lit on fire. Od’ed.

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