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This review may contain spoilers.

Ever since I found out that Nolan’s favorite movie is from the 007 franchise, I’ve wondered what Christopher Nolan directed 007 feature would look like. I no longer have to wonder because this movie gives me the answer. 

I wouldn’t even call this nonlinear, it’s more like zig zag swirly storytelling with a timey wimey plot. I was expecting to be confused but like Memento confused, not inverted confused. Although this has the least emotional impact out of any Nolan flick, he doesn’t hold back. He builds the most surreal world to date that makes people, planes, explosions, cars feel surreal whether backwards or forwards. Talk about a fight scene you to show twice. He’s really got the choreography of fights down in this one. I think I’ll have to give a couple more watches before I fully appreciate.

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