Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals ★★★★★

Nocturnal Animals (2016) is definitely not easy to watch, it's violent, brutal and hard to understand, but if you're not sensitive to it and like a complex script, this is the movie perfect for you. the film reminded me a little of Wild Tales (2014) because like this one, Nocturnal Animals (2016) talks about the extremities of the human being while following another narrative focused on the consequences of real life acts, and how mistakes in our lives can affect us forever for both ourselves and the people we affect together. a story of love, violence, revenge, regret and above all, a story about life, the human being itself. definitely for me, it's already a modern classic, when you watch it pay attention to the details and not the narrative in itself because perhaps what makes this film so divisible among the audience may be mainly due to its complicated and disturbed narrative, which in a way is understandable the first time it we watched, because amidst all the violence and brutality, it's hard not to be shocked and end up dropping your narrative, what I recommend is that you watch it twice at least, for total understanding of the story, and the message that the film wants to bring to the viewer.