• Vice Academy Part 3

    Vice Academy Part 3


    The pinnacle of the VICE ACADEMY movies. And I haven't even seen 4, 5, and 6.

    Boobs and Big Hair meet with G-rated dialogue and Three Stooges-level silliness. Ginger Lynn does not disrobe.

    But with production values—at least compared to the first two movies in the series.

    You don't think women's prison activities include a sack race? Think again.

    Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray.

  • The City

    The City


    A lot to absorb. Pure Americana, the folly of early city development in the US, a proposal that seems both idyllic and Ayn Rand-esque. But mostly, a document of American history at its finest. Miracle film.

  • Hot Pepper

    Hot Pepper


    Clifton Fucking Chenier. Relaxing at home and in the juke joint.

    Criterion Collection Blu-ray.

  • Deranged




    Think twice about naming your child "Ezra."

    Psycho: The Prequel.

    Bob Clark rules, even when he is only the producer.

    Tom Savini at his peak?

    Typically, necrophilia is not my bag, but this movie made me love it.

    I love "The Old Rugged Cross" as much as the next person raised in the Bible Belt. But come on.

    Seriously, a masterpiece of quiet, unflinching, pedal-to-the-metal horror. And yet with a sense of humor. And a festival of Americana. Unjustly ignored until now, and thanks to the folks at Arrow, available to the world.

    Ed Gein fans unite.

    Shot on location throughout Ontario.

    Arrow Blu-ray.

  • Garage Girls

    Garage Girls


    The worthy and unapologetic cousin to HOT & SAUCY PIZZA GIRLS.

  • Primal


    Could not finish.

  • Lady Stay Dead

    Lady Stay Dead


    A better title would have been HANDYMAN, STAY DEAD. But I can see how that would have affected box office.

    A standard question when hiring a handyman to care for the grounds at a remote estate belonging to a famous model should always be: "Are you a fucking psychopath?"

    Code Red Blu-ray.

  • Together Together

    Together Together

    At first I'm thinking 4 stars for a sweet and frank little movie.

    Then mainly I'm thinking minus 3-and-a-half stars for the politically correct, tone-deaf Woody Allen jabs—the movie-stopping pulpit moment dissing MANHATTAN, and especially the smug title fonts on the opening and closing credits. How profound.

    TOGETHER TOGETHER owes its very existence to the game-changing work of Woody Allen in cinematic comedy, so watching it make fun of something that stands miles above it was painful. Laughable.

    So, hey, maybe it was funny. It was laughing at me, so maybe I should laugh back.

  • Frat House

    Frat House


    The filmmakers set a goal of making a National Lampoon porn parody, and succeeded with flying colors. Plus Lisa De Leeuw. Learning is good.

    Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray.

  • The Grave

    The Grave


    Any one of the multitude of whiners who love to say "Quentin Tarantino is such an overrated screenwriter" should be forced to watch this hyper-late-1990s straight-to-video neo-noir on auto-repeat for all of eternity. Or better yet, a videotaped table reading on auto-repeat for all of eternity.

    That said, I enjoyed it once I hit the clutch and shifted into "so bad it's good" gear. Which it is. Isn't. Whatever.

    Nothing will ever top O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU for bad…

  • Wet Wilderness

    Wet Wilderness


    I see that no one has give this fine film a 4-star review. I am here to remedy that situation, based solely on a single line of dialogue: "Sit on that stump!"

    After Hours DVD.

  • Diary of a Pregnant Woman

    Diary of a Pregnant Woman


    Agnes Varda takes a camera to the La mouffe area of Paris—a wholesale food market that in 1958 was a home for the downtrodden—and mirrors it against the mind of a pregnant visitor from a comparatively well-to-do neighborhood.

    An early experimental documentary by Varda, one of the director's favorite works, and now one of mine.

    Criterion Colleciton Blu-ray.