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  • Burn!



    What an epic undertaking. This was an ambitious film attempting to show the brutality, both subtle and overt, involved in colonialism and domination. A lot works, the film comes close to greatness, but a few things fall short. While treated with sympathy, I would have liked to see the black population showing some more agency. Surely they had their own plots and suspicions that could have been illustrated. And related, a general back and forth between the competing factions could have been stronger. But overall an impressive film with themes that I wish more filmmakers would try to tackle.

  • I'm Not Scared

    I'm Not Scared


    Beautiful landscapes. Characters are kind of weak.

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  • Sam & Mattie Make A Zombie Movie

    Sam & Mattie Make A Zombie Movie


    Interesting project, appreciate how most of the crew centered themselves on trying to realize the vision of these two filmmakers.

  • Accident



    A strange mashup of amazing characters and performances, with a pretty weak plot. Some experimental scenes that are technically interesting, but dont seem to highlight any themes. Worth another viewing, not sure if the themes were weak or if there could be some subtleties I missed.