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  • Come Play

    Come Play


    the demon (larry) has the same energy as my nemesis

  • The Power

    The Power


    Review for the NYT:

    In 1970s Britain, as the government and trade unions were warring, blackouts were regularly ordered to conserve power. During one of these pitch-black nights, a timid young woman named Val (Rose Williams) finds herself working the dark shift on her first day of duty as a trainee nurse at a run-down London hospital. The writer and director Corinna Faith doesn’t wait for the lights to dim to unleash the uneasiness in “The Power.” The creaky, eerie…

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  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    dude got out of the bath and went straight to the movies by himself, soaking wet and naked. gotta respect it.

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie

    that a white man made this is actually insane. so much "dialogue blackface" (to quote miriam). levinson also seems to not grasp the basics of how a woman functions (peeing outside in a ball gown and stockings??) and he owes zendaya so much for giving it her all, the film truly does not deserve her. the way i rolled my eyes at how she gets progressively more naked — nipples poking through her tank, pants off, legs as set decoration — and…