Baby Driver

Baby Driver ★★★★★

Right now I got to tell you about the fabulous, most groovy experience of the year:

74th Venice Film Festival. The man himself, Edgar Wright, was a member of the main jury. Knowing that, I set out immediately to see him, and on my first day (August 30th) I saw him with the rest of the jury members (including Annette Benning and Rebecca Hall). I was stunned, and stood still, with my mouth wide open. I thought it could never get better than that...

Then, on August 1st, I entered the Excelsior Hotel (where all the VIPs sleep) early in the morning, and I saw Wright talking with some Japanese dudes (I know, I felt very ignorant in that moment as well). Part of me wanted to rush towards him and annoy him, but I followed my polite standards and waited for him to finish talking... only for some fat dude (a 20-something bearded guy who I saw multiple times during the Festival) to rush towards Edgar and telling him to say something towards to fine, cause he was recording a WhatsApp audio message. Wright just sayed "Okay, okay", clearly annoyed by the situation, and the guy left with a smug look. Right after that, all the jurors exited, and I stood there, visibly sad at another opportunity lost.


A couple of hours later, after I had eaten my unhealthy lunch of sausage and pizza, I felt the need to go back towards the Excelsior to use its very comfortable bathrooms. On my way there, I see a man, all alone, coming out of a side street.

That man was Edgar Wright.

Time stopped. I didn't know what to do. Stay idle? Rush him? Be an obsessive fan? Touch him? Shout his name? Everything I thought in those 3 seconds felt stupid, so I just decided to trust my gut.

I speed up my walking, go right next to him, and sayd:
-"Excuse me, Mr. Wright?"
-"Oh, yes?"
-"Hi... I am Nick."
(*I reach out my hand for his, and he grabs it and calmly shakes it*) "I am a really big fan..."
-"Oh, really? Well, that is very kind of you."
-"I mean, watching Hot Fuzz for the first time 10 years ago truly changed my view of cinema. I love all your movies, I even managed to watch Baby Driver!"
-"Cool, cool. Where are you from?"

(I block for a second, almost shocked that he just asked me a question) -"I come from Italy, from a city near Venice... How are you doing, are you enjoying the festival?"
-"Yeah yeah, it is very fun. So many movies!"
-"I know, right? Is this your first time in Venice, or at this festival?"
-"Yeah, no... actually... yeah, it is my first time at this festival, but I already came other times in Venice to explore it. It is a lovely city."

Right at this moment, two random dudes approach and go "Edgar, can we take a picture?". He was slightly annoyed by their straightforward approach, and said "Can we do it while walking?".
I raise my head and see that we have almost arrived at the Excelsior, where it is forbidden to take pictures. I ask Edgar if I can take a picture as well, and he smiles at me, nodding. The other two guys cannot open their phone's camera and start panicking, while mine opens instantly.

And so, I took this picture.

As soon as I took it, we were at the entrance of the hotel. The two guys left, unsatisfied. I look at Edgar Wright, with the biggest smile I have ever had, and said: "Thank you very much, it was a pleasure to meet you!", to which he replied: "Pleasure's mine!". We quickly shook hands, I whispered: "Have a great day...", and left, while he entered the building.

As soon as I started moving, I started feeling hot inside. My limbs were starting to get numb, and my movement was slow. I had to stop and sit down on some stairs right in front of the hotel. I could not believe what just happened.

I met, walked, and talked with Edgar freaking Wright. Member of my Trinity of Directors (the others being Tarantino and del Toro, who I sadly did not see at the Festival).

This was a truly memorable moment, one to cheerish for times to come, hoping to meet him properly in the future.

So yeah, Baby Driver just came out on Digital HD, and IT'S A FUCKING MASTERPIECE!!!!

God bless Edgar Wright!

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