I already didn't like Nolan, but, wow.

The big ass elephant in the room was the sound, I didn't mind the music, but it was the fact that everyone was mumbling really pissed me off. Did no one notice this, or could they not get everybody in to record new tracks? It was laughable in some scenes how unintelligible the dialogue was. It's like the nightclub scene in 'Trainspotting' but the whole movie.

The visuals were disappointing as hell. Nolan always makes a big deal over the IMAX or 70mm screenings, but what is the point if it's just going to look like a normal action movie. I saw it in 70mm and everything apart from one scene just looked meh, that one scene being the red and blue room around 2/3 into the film.

So the audio is terrible, the visuals were mediocre, what about the story? AHAHAHAH nice one. It was boring, the characters were one dimensional and the gimmick was trying too hard to blow the audience's mind. Everything bad about the average Nolan film but amplified.

What's left? There was a good 10 min action sequence when they finally went into the upside-down, but that's it, the other 2hrs and 20mins was relentless garbage.

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