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  • Insomnia


    Kind of slept on. (Though Pacino ain’t getting much sleep.)

  • I Live in Fear

    I Live in Fear

    I love this movie because it’s so thematically rich—can one be selfish in the way they think about the safety others?—even if it’s mostly all over the place. Even Mifune’s performance is a little too blunt. Still, all in all, I Live in Fear is a compelling portrait of existential anxiety and being a shithead to your family.

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  • Spotlight


    So I’ve worked in investigate journalism for just over a couple years now, and it’s kind of incredible how much this movie is interested in the act of reporting. It’s difficult, sure, but more than anything sourcing and public records dives are intensely mundane. Spotlight doesn’t over dramatize that work—in fact, it barely dramatizes anything at all. 

    This is a movie with less of a plot and more a series of things happening. The cast is stacked but no one…

  • Minari


    *dean martin voice* when grandma burns down the barn....... that’s minari