The Happening

The Happening ★★★

Mrs. Jones: Planning on stealing something?
Elliot Moore: No, ma'am, we're not.
Mrs. Jones: Plan on murdering me in my sleep?
Elliot Moore: What no.
As bad as the happening is, every time I rate a movie I rate it on how much I enjoyed it and damn I can't lie, the happening is the best comedy of 2008, the dialogues hilarious, the performances are so weird, Mark Wahlberg talks to a plant, its so funny. Now the problem with the happening is its meant to be serious but its so overly serious that its funny, therefore I'm rating it as a comedy/horror and for comedy its gets 5 stars for horror it gets 2 because...... Well I'm just not afraid of plants but the comedy in this, I mean Mark Wahlberg's performance, Zooey Deschanel being awkward, people running themselves over with lawnmowers, people being let off a train into the woods randomly just because the train lost contact, a kid getting shown an extremely graphic video and last but not least the hot dog guy, I like it. The happening may be bad but its so funny and I can definitely recommend watching it 👍

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