Tenet ★★★★


Tenet tackles time in an overly convoluted yet fulfilling way once everything clicks, whenever that may be for the viewer. The best scenes are when Nolan explores the higher concept of inversion, showcasing the narrative both forwards and in reverse. However, the idea on film doesn’t always work, especially when more than half the film’s dialogue, which is more or less exposition, is impossible to decipher. The sound mixing throughout is atrocious, making it frustrating to dive into the mind bending story he’s trying to tell. 

Washington and Pattinson are both fantastic, not because they get any worthwhile character development, but rather with their charisma, swagger when donning a plethora of suits, and in combat has you rooting for them to succeed. The action and set pieces are both thrilling and look absolutely stunning in IMAX. Ludwig Göransson’s score elevates the aforementioned with its electronic riffs and thunderous bass throughout, pushing the tension and scope of whatever is onscreen. 

Tenet is definitely not without fault, but feels more or less like Nolan’s Bond with time as the driving factor. Rewatching it to uncover more of its’ cleverness and appreciate the performances, like most of his filmography, will indeed be worthwhile and entertaining as hell.

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