Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★½

Guy Ritchie delivers yet another phenomenal movie with his newest feature Wrath of Man. Following the story of a man trying to track down his son’s killer, the story and trailers make this film look somewhat generic. However, this is not the case, Ritchie takes what should’ve been an incredibly generic story and reinvents the wheel so that the story becomes incredibly suspenseful, gripping, and just so entertaining that it is hard not to look away! All while having a great time as well. Although the pacing may run a little on the slower side, and begin to make the film feel slightly longer than it is, the slow pacing is necessary and is rewarded greatly with an action packed climax! 

In vintage Guy Ritchie fashion, this film involves one main story for the audience to follow while intertwining side stories that are necessary, but never become confusing like so many movies fall prey to. Although the ending may be a bit cliché and ever so slightly underwhelming, it may also be Guy Ritchie’s most rewarding ending yet. 

Another very minor gripe I had with this film was the use of the non linear story telling. It ultimately does add to the suspense and mystery of the film, but it also feels like this movie could’ve been told linearly and the movie wouldn’t have suffered. Additionally, some of the side characters are introduced and seem as if they’re going to play significant roles within the film, and then are simply forgotten about which was slightly disappointing but not enough for me to knock points off. 

While some may consider Mr Ritchie to be somewhat of a “one trick pony”, I don’t mind, because Ritchie has proven to be an underrated filmmaker and one of the most under appreciated screenwriters within the past 20 years or so. If Guy Ritchie continues to release films such as The Gentlemen and what may be his best, and most gruesome film to date in Wrath of Man, then I’ll gladly pay to see the pony perform it’s one trick again and again! 

Overall, while this film does lose a little bit of points for its overtly slow pacing at times, and the somewhat generic story/ending, I still highly recommend this. It may not ever achieve the recognition it surely deserves but, in my opinion, this will go down as one of the most underrated crime thrillers/gangster movies of all time. My personal rating on this film is a very very strong 9/10, and upon rewatch(es) it may very well move up to a perfect 10/10. 
-K 🙂

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