Moxie ★★★½

a very important movie for the target audience and for everyone honestly. dives into very touchy but urgent subject matters especially in the high school theme. i didn't realized how fucked up the education system is towards women and treats them very poorly. we have this movie to thank for bring this content into our hands. but it's obviously not a perfect movie, the problem is the main character. like the other sides characters are very well written and interesting but they chose to have the most boring character to focus on (she is the main character because she has the one who created moxie so we didn't have a choice). this also have some high school tropes which were fine. the side characters were so well written and acted so well, i can't wait what they have in store. and also NICO HIRAGA COME HERE POOKIE AND I LOVE YOU WITH MY WHOLE HEART AND SOUL PLEASE HE IS SUCH BOYFRIEND MATERIAL IN THIS EVEN THOUGH HE DOES THE BARE MINIMUM IN THIS

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