Witness for the Prosecution ★★★★½

Billy Wilder's extraordinary combination with Agatha Christie provides a complex courtroom story impeccably told and the unsurpassed dialogue from start to finish. Billy Wilder's courtroom drama Witness for the Prosecution features the compelling narrative of a British lawyer, Sir Wilfred, and his defense of his client who is on trial for murder. The trial is full of drama as unexpected events and developments are revealed during the process. The directing, screenplay and acting are the top composition, and the film itself subjectively become one of the best courtroom drama in the history of motion picture. Witness for the Prosecution is another highlight in Wilder's career history, and it demonstrates that courtroom drama can be both thrilling and humorous with the top quality of comedy. This is Wilder film features one of the most well-rounded plot and provides some very well-implemented tuned twists.

Like most of Wilder filmography, Witness for the Prosecution is super fun to watch. Wilder manages to find a middle ground between serious subjects and entertainment, so this is a film that will thrilled audiences from both aspects. The substance comes from many angles between the themes of betrayal, and most importantly, justice are all more than prevalent. Billy Wilder's direction is a top-notch as ever, but on this occasion, it is very impersonal, allowing the cast and plot to deftly command and dominate the center stage. This film manages to put you in tight tension while being humorous, crucial and smart. The long use of time and the authentic nuance of the court setting transforms spectators into spectators in courtrooms with others.

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