Brief Encounter ★★★★★

British's greatest romance Brief Encounter narrated a story of a brief relationship in a brief time. This film illustrate an impassioned affair between two married people in which they are conscious enough to know that their relationship is a big mistake but too powerless to stop themselves. Set in Great Britain in WW II, Brief Encounter in many ways is an analogy for the struggles that men and women experience, trapped by having to conform to social expectations while exploding to escape to greater independence at a glance and fun during war. Infidelity in marriage is a major topic which is one of the many taboos that the viewer can inspect without having to go through challenges or worry about the repercussions.

One of the film's biggest influences is creating the archetype for a romantic farewell on the station platform, with hissing steam from the train, and an elegant scoring playing in the background. While this technique is widely used in other romance films, Brief Encounter is one of the best. The film involves several scenes on a train platform, others are exhilarating, or desperate, and heartbreaking. These elements are presented not only in the framework of the Brief Encounters, which centers on a cup of tea and the station platform, but also in the way it inspires a little movement with unbelievably heart-rending sadness.

Brief Encounter is shot exquisitely, moves evenly and is very neat, while still retaining multiple layers of charm and intelligence. The characters are beautifully written and then elegantly packed. Brief Encounter is a film with greatness, a classic work of filmmaking by David Lean. Although black and white was the standard filmmaking style during the 40s, the importance of film here cannot be exaggerated.

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