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  • Witness for the Prosecution

    Witness for the Prosecution


    Billy Wilder's extraordinary combination with Agatha Christie provides a complex courtroom story impeccably told and the unsurpassed dialogue from start to finish. Billy Wilder's courtroom drama Witness for the Prosecution features the compelling narrative of a British lawyer, Sir Wilfred, and his defense of his client who is on trial for murder. The trial is full of drama as unexpected events and developments are revealed during the process. The directing, screenplay and acting are the top composition, and the film…

  • Brief Encounter

    Brief Encounter


    British's greatest romance Brief Encounter narrated a story of a brief relationship in a brief time. This film illustrate an impassioned affair between two married people in which they are conscious enough to know that their relationship is a big mistake but too powerless to stop themselves. Set in Great Britain in WW II, Brief Encounter in many ways is an analogy for the struggles that men and women experience, trapped by having to conform to social expectations while exploding…

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  • La Strada

    La Strada


    This is truly a distressing tale. La Strada brings together two opposing souls to unfold a story that ultimately displays a better aspect of humanity. La Strada marks Federico Fellini's first fully Felliniesque film, in which his signature energy and boundless narrative are combined with his ability to capture reality and reflect its truth through his dream-like perspective. Fellini's works will continue to reflect his own reality, producing complex combinations of personal influences. Fellini retains many obsessive visual traits that…

  • High Noon

    High Noon


    There were the peak of an era in which many epic Westerns were released, set in a desert setting mostly captured the frontier landscapes between North and South America, likewise using hordes of cowboys in action and Indians as complements. High Noon is not much different from those attributes, Fred Zinnemann’s High Noon has the techniques like character-based drama and the tension of Westerns films in general. The director carefully and deliberately takes advantage of the atmosphere of threat and…