Tenet ★½

Straight up - FUCK THIS MOVIE!
If you want a cinema induced migraine - go ahead and buy a ticket.

I hadn't been inside a movie theater in six months, and my first visit back I'm subjected to this nonsense. I'm glad some people are getting something out of it, I simply do not get it. I watched I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS the day before, and that was a walk in the park to parse out as it had characters. This has well dressed mannequins in needlessly convoluted set pieces that that mistake being complicaled as complex.

Has Christopher Nolan become Leonard Shelby? Pushing on forward with an empty and punishing endeavor so it can satisfy his creative needs? He seems to not care if the plot makes sense, if characters have motivations, he seems to solely be - wow, this is a cool idea! Hey, wouldn't this look fucking rad?! He's not wrong, the idea of the Inversion is cool, but he does nothing with it. And some of the set piece ideas are fascinating but he complicated to to the point of stripping it of what was interesting.

I equate the Kenny B's villain to Nolan himself. He wants to have things his way, even if the world ends because of it.

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