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  • Tenet



    When 2020 began the slate of film releases was looking impressive. As well as the usual franchise entries (Fast and Furious, DC, Marvel) there were also a few returning favourites (Bill and Ted, Halloween) but the one that had me most excited was an original concept by Christopher Nolan. Beyond the title ‘Tenet’, very little was known of the film other then that it might or might not involve time travel. It wasn’t much to go on but then Nolan…

  • Paddington



    That was a pleasure.

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  • Transformers: The Last Knight
  • Get Out

    Get Out


    I am genuinely baffled by the acclaim this has received. It starts out as something of a paranoid thriller but everything is too on the nose to be frightening. It's clear that a twist is coming but when it does, it is so preposterous that it undermines what little good work has been done.

    How totally wrong I was. I watched this again and think that i must have been in a strange state of mind the first time.
    I have very little to add to the praise this has received except to say that it is largely justified.