Final Destination 2

Final Destination 2 ★★★

Starts strong. Arguably one of the scariest, most anxiety-inducing openings in the series (I refuse to drive behind heavy load vehicles as a result). But then slips further and further into eye-rollingly stupid territory with each new kill (nevermind going into premonition overdrive). No longer playing out like a series of unfortunate events, death takes on a more proactive role in the process of elimination. It works on one hand to paint the film in a thick coat of mean-spirited slapstick, but also works against it when it comes to tone. Guarantee by the half way point, you'll have gone from covering your mouth in shocking disbelief, to clenching your gut in laughter. The series mostly never recovers from this, even if it stays consistently enjoyable (to me anyway). Pigeon boy's death scene remains my favorite.

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