Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

No masterpiece, but dare I say it, it's easily better than any of the previous MCU entries - save for arguably Guardians of the Galaxy - because it finally confronts why we go to see these movies.

It remembers the characters. I was surprised, and still am, that for "the end", the film doesn't have as many action sequences that one may preumse, at least until the balls to the walls final act.

But the first two acts are spectacular (relatively speaking), if a bit drawn out. It's one third of characters dealing with thematic trauma on different levels, and one third of time-hopping structure that both willingly acknowledges the messiness that is time travel while mocking others as well.

Simply, that entertaining final 30 minutes would not have worked if it weren't for the power and emotion given by it's first two acts, and these so called "casuals" or "cinephiles" who want to call it boring for the simple fact that it didn't cater to their expectations need to check themselves.

Oh, and it features more of the most consistent MCU humor. Oh, and Professor Hulk is the ultimate Daddy of thr MCU. Oh, and Jeremy Renner finally gets a lot to do. Oh, and it doesn't (thankfully) resort to what we would all presume to be the deus ex machina that is Captain Marvel.

Oh, and it's a huge distraction that Peter Parker is here given he no longer exists (technically).

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