Joshua Richardson

Joshua Richardson

I'm an academic nerd with a love of B-Horror cinema and no sense of self-preservation.

Favorite films

  • Clerks
  • Night of the Living Dead
  • Until the End of the World
  • Kolobos

Recent activity

  • Fight Like a Girl


  • Zombie High


  • DeepStar Six


  • The Wicker Man


Recent reviews

  • Fight Like a Girl

    Fight Like a Girl

    Charlie (Jenna Dwyer) is the daughter of a dead pro wrestler who divides her time between days working at a video game company and nights in a ring. When a project at the company goes awry, unleashing a horde of the dead on Australia, Charlie must unify her work friends and some wrestlers she knows to put the chokehold on the revenants.

    This low-budget slobberknocker is very fun and high energy, but suffers from a low budget and trying to…

  • Zombie High

    Zombie High

    Ettinger is a former all-male school that has just admitted its first female student, Andrea (Virginia Madsen). She finds the school a bit more subdued than she expected. She also finds friends in nerdy Emerson (future comedy superstar director Paul Feig) and trampy Suzi (Twin Peaks' Sherilyn Fenn). When a teacher (Richard Cox) shows interest in her, Andrea gradually unravels the school's greatest mystery.

    This film had an unusually good cast for its era and genre, but it's hard to…

Popular reviews

  • They Live

    They Live


    This film has long represented a gap in my cinematic knowledge; today I decided to correct it, thanks to the immaculate blu-ray edition produced by Scream Factory. And I'm glad I did, as it is now my favorite Carpenter film.

    They Live is a modern take on a 50s alien invasion/body snatcher picture, positing that the woes of 80s America (and, much though we may laud the era's entertainment today, let us not forget the quiet desperation that often motivated…

  • Stitches



    Stitches is a party clown who lives a seedy lifestyle - less Bozo, more Shakes. At Tom's 11th birthday, Stitches is giving a lackluster performance, leading to the kids trying to liven things up with a series of pranks. The pranks culminate with Stitches being accidentally stabbed through the eye... twice. Six years later, traumatized teenager Tom is trying to throw a birthday party to reconnect with his classmate Kate, another attendee at the disastrous 11th. Unfortunately, ancient clown magic…