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  • Gods of Egypt

    Gods of Egypt

    Interesting director + low score means I'm in for something imaginative, unique, sincere, that offends the status quo. And this is no different.

    Welcome to an Alex Proyas film (Dark City, I Robot, Knowing) with Letterboxd average below 2. What higher recommendation could there be?!

    A certain mindset is required to enjoy art where Gerard Butler (Scottish accent intact) plays the evil god Set with Leonidian relish as he flies a CG chariot pulled by giant beetles.

    Unsurprisingly this was…

  • Tuff Turf

    Tuff Turf

    Just when I thought I'd seen every 80s movie where a protagonist wears faded denim jeans, a leather jacket, and Ray Bans, somebody on Letterboxd digs one up and pulls me back in.

    Tuff Turf - starring James Spader, 19 year old Robert Downey Jr, and (the only one who hasn't worked for Marvel yet), Kim Richards, could be in the running for the most 80s clichés in one film.

    And you know it’s a good film because they misspelt…

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  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Part One: Can Anything Good Come From Warner?

    It's necessary to convey how low my expectations were when I started this 4 hour behemoth. I didn’t approve of hashtag/corporate begging (I was wrong) and was ready to burn my Armond White duvet and pillow set in disgust as cinema ate its own tail like Ouroboros. If Batman had come to my Icelandic bar asking for help to release the Snyder cut, I would've reacted like Aquaman before walking back into…

  • Moonlight


    I wondered what the most popular movie was on Letterboxd I hadn't seen. It was this.

    Moonlight is an uneven 3 episode movie about a sensitive black kid at different stages of his life as he grows up to become a cliché. It is to the character drama what Twelve Years A Slave was to history, Get Out was to horror, or Hamilton was to the musical. Its effective Best Picture winning novelty is that it combines the racist blaxploitation…