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  • mother!



    "Ma! Today in school we learned about these cool things called met-ah-fores!"

    "That's nice, sweetie."

    "Yeah! I'm gonna go make a movie now!"

    "Be back at six for dinner."

    (Screen door slams as Darren Aronofsky sprints away to set, making racecar sounds with his mouth along the way.)

  • Nicole



    I'm gonna review this as I watch it.

    1) I like how it starts immediately, without even a production company logo.

    2) Getting very 90s indie vibes. Not just the black and white, but the whole tone. Not sure if that's a plus or minus yet.

    3) Twelve minutes in and starting to feel a little redundant. Hitting beats that were already well established.

    4) Slooooow.

    5) But I'm still watching, so that's a good sign.

    6) Twenty-six minutes in…