Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari ★★★★

“Car’s yours, kid.”

I don’t think I’ve seen such an exhilarating film in a while. With great shots and a nice cinematography, Ford v. Ferrari goes beyond its fun surface and perfectly balances the excitement and heavy emotions in a way that make both aspects flow along beautifully. So much so, that its 180+ minute runtime goes by in an instant.
Christian Bale and Matt Damon’s chemistry was more than evident and just like their friendship in the film, their characters slowly grow on you. Still, Bale was the the stand out for me, delivering a wonderful performance that takes over and shines through in a way only he can pull off. Nothing short of what he’s made us grow accustomed to from him. Also with a supporting role from Noah Jupe, who’s quickly become someone I look forward to seeing in films.
Overall an extremely exciting, entertaining watch with moments full of energy as well as emotional scenes that bring it all together nicely.  So good.

*Added to 2019 Favorites.
**Watched with Nadia.

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