Held ★★★★

This is a great psychological horror. It’s like “Saw” but if those films relied on psychological horror as opposed to gore and shock value. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Even the film’s slower moments had my rapt attention. The film is a bit disturbing and unsettling at points. It is not rated by the MPAA, and I think that is because they didn’t know what to rate it. It’s too intense for a PG-13, but never quite goes all the way into R territory. I would say PG-15. There are themes of sexual assault and abuse, but they are done tastefully abs for character development as opposed to shock value. So, it is a great, well directed, well-acted film (Especially the actor who plays the villain but I don’t dare ruin the twists here), but may disturb certain groups of people.
Grade: A-  9/10. 4/5 stars