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    Dumont's post-metoo period's feminist French journalist character is coming as a sister to Marcia Jeffries (Patricia Neal / A Face in the Crowd), Kimberly Welles (Jane Fonda / The China Syndrome) and Suzanne Stone (Nicole Kidman / To Die For).
    New French Extremity's master auteur is leaving a nicely shot and strongly written journalism movie which can catch the contemporary political climate, and comes as a lesson for Offical Secrets.
    My video review in Turkish: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-qiZydQiU4



    From Hosoda's unique anime vision comes crossbreed Beauty and the Beast for Z generation as a captivating and energic scifi-fantastic animation. 18th century's French fairy tale haven't seen this kind of daring virtual reality dosage before.

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  • Long Day's Journey Into Night

    Long Day's Journey Into Night

    I've watched Bi Gan's stylistic hypnosis for a second time in corona days... The first one was at Cannes 2018 world premiere... It was weird to experience it in LED TV. But 3D 'one single take' illusion in the second half took me to another level again. After memorable but a little bit confused first film Kaili Blues, Bi Gan's that whole greedy Kaili hypnosis, poetry and exoticness worked for me. It is more powerful and subtle this time. But the theme of taking the 3D glasses to get inside fantastic and stylistic Kaili which is demolishing fourth wall made me emotional in quarantine days...

  • Stuck Apart

    Stuck Apart

    Taylan Kardeşler, Küçük Kıyamet ile sinema tarihimizinin en iyi filmlerinden birine imza atmıştı. Ancak Azizler, genel bir acelecilik ve özensizlik probleminden çekiyor. Bu da İçimdeki Ses, Bunny and the Bull ile Mary & Max'i bir araya getirme arzusunu, sadece Coen Kardeşler, Michel Gondry ya da Spike Jonze'un yönetmesiyle kurtulabilecek her telden çaldan dayama bir film olarak izletiyor.
    Engin Günaydın'ın İçimdeki Ses'inin devam filmi gibi başlaması bir yana, o görsel açıdan ucuz komedi gibi güldürmeyi bile beceremiyor. Aksine Reha Erdem'in Korkuyorum Anne…