• Tito


    Man, I love this movie. Visionary kind of thing.
    Next level performances from Grace Glowicki and Ben Petrie.
    So fucking funny and strange and entertaining. Pure grade.
    Can't shake it. Don't want to.

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  • Ham on Rye

    Ham on Rye

    Loved this. Such a unique experience. Great aesthetic and perfect details. Amazing cast of awkwardly endearing kids. Dead on naivety and innocence.

    I'd say this is a spoiler, so if you haven't seen it, stop reading...

    But this film does something I've never seen done quite like this. Very bold choice. Gotta see it to believe it, you know.  Not sure how they pulled it off, but am a fan.

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  • Ri¢hie Ri¢h

    Ri¢hie Ri¢h

    Macaulay Culkin was one of the cutest kids in the world but also one of the richest in this movie Richie Rich. He plays a lonely kid who has everything money can buy but absolutely no friends. It’s a great film about showing poor kids your mansion and letting them ride your personal roller coaster. Rob Reiner was the director and he did a fantastic job putting fun things in the movie, like the Kidapult, the Smell Master and bags of manure. Will Richie Rich find friends? You can find out if you watch the whole movie.

    For further viewing, check out my video essay: youtu.be/aDRhgeS6v9o

  • Powder


    October 27th marks the 21st anniversary of the classic film Powder. I thought I’d take a look back and remember some of the cool stuff they put in the movie. It's about this really white guy who is smart and sad. It’s important because it’s filled with character dialogue, a great message, hope for humanity, and more.

    After watching the film, please check out my video essay that explains even more: youtu.be/CRAflsfYy2g

  • She's All That

    She's All That

    She’s All That introduced American teenagers to high-stakes bets in their high school halls. If Freddie Prinze Jr. was gonna make the dorky Laney Boggs prom queen, he was gonna need to give her an extreme makeover because as it is, she’s ugly — she has glasses, a bad haircut and she doesn’t tweeze her eyebrows. This movie shows us her transformation in a highly entertaining 90 minutes. At first, audiences must sit there and think, “There’s no way,” but…

  • Breaking the Waves

    Breaking the Waves

    Loved it when I was young.
    Hated it now that I'm old. Too much pain.
    Don't want pain in movies.
    Want light entertainment.
    Thank you.

  • Leaving Hope

    Leaving Hope

    Beautifully shot and performed; leaves an indelible impression with its dreamlike atmospheres and ambiguity, particularly in the remarkable final sequence.


  • Five Minutes Before the End of the World

    Five Minutes Before the End of the World

    Set in a near future which may or may not be experiencing the end of the world, a group of young people gather around a trendy Swedish coffee shop. “Five Minutes Before the End of the World” is a roaming portrait, directed by Kevin Luna, unsettling in its depiction of the laissez faire attitude of its characters going about their daily lives as ominous sirens and jet planes blare above. (Q: “Where do you think they’re headed?” A: “I don’t…

  • Allen Anders: Live at the Comedy Castle (circa 1987)

    Allen Anders: Live at the Comedy Castle (circa 1987)

    An ingenious sendup of a dated comedy special, darkly hilarious and thoroughly unsettling. As first delivered as a generic routine about snooze buttons and ‘cases of the Mondays,’ Anders quickly descends into confronting the meaninglessness of life, and the mortality of all, as the studio audience, shown in repeating motifs, smile and laugh innocently. Shot with a period authentic broadcast camera, delivered on glitching VHS, the film is built around a bravura performance by Grayson, perfectly mimicking the rhythm, mannerisms and confidence of a hack comedian trapped in a loop of existential dread.


  • High Flying Bird

    High Flying Bird

    Having been shot on an iPhone, the iPhone was the camera they used to create the film. Using only iPhone footage and no other footage (from any other cameras for instance), they were able to impress us hungry film lovers (film here denoting iphone) with this very interesting backstory (it’s the 1st film ever made on an iPhone) and Soderberg is god and iphones are god.

  • Jobe'z World

    Jobe'z World

    new classic of NYC street cinema. totally bonkers and hilarious every step of the way.

  • Vice


    don’t believe the unhype. this was wild and did whatever it wanted. 4th star earned precisely at the moment the credits rolled halfway through the movie.