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  • Let the Right One In
  • Zodiac
  • Drive My Car
  • Princess Mononoke

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  • Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour


  • Eye for an Eye


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  • Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour

    Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour


    It's really just the concert film equivalent of the album: big, campy, messy, sweet and intimate at spots, and just a lot. Amazing set design and stage direction though. With the film direction, it could've used a bit less slo-mos and flashy edits.

  • Hold Me Tight

    Hold Me Tight


    gorgeous, sensual, surreal, exciting. replayed it three times in a row now because ugh. just too fucking good. my senses have been blessed and that soundtrack is a banger.

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    My French Film Festival 2022

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  • JJ+E



    This film seems so busy building an "aesthetic". So busy, in fact, that it forgets to actually have emotion, which is a problem, because its story is defined by troubled teenage emotions. It just feels like the film is emoting, if you get me. There's no weight.

    Also, the film doesn't have a very good pace. The progression of relationships, the progression of conflicts, the social issues that it tries to tackle, the final act --- they all suffer because…

  • Spencer



    Jarring, anxious, surreal, and, at the end, heartbreaking. "Spencer" is not "true" (it never claims to be). What it is is a dream. A wish sitting in the shadow of horrible facts. And it's all the more heartbreaking for being that. Larraín could have settled for the facts, but he reached further. He came back with something beautiful.

    Stewart is devastating as this version of Diana and the film's editing is the most interesting editing work I've seen this year.…