I saw Koyaanisqatsi at the Princess Theater in Oxford, Ohio, during college; definitely a midnight showing. My college boyfriend and I would occasionally go to these, and they'd be films like Brazil, Blade Runner, Koyaanisqaatsi, etc., nice independent pieces, much of which I didn't really understand or appreciate fully at the time, coming from my unsophisticated, rural Ohio background.

I remember a trippy experience, loving the music, and perhaps some repetitiveness that my young mind wasn't appreciative of. Always being a good "early to bed" type, the midnight showings made me sleepy, so I think I ended up asleep on my boyfriend's shoulder for about half the run time.

My thoughts about the film center more on the music than the cinematography, and I've outgrown some of my country bumpkin ways, appreciating other works of Philip Glass. One of my favorite pieces of music of all time, used in choreography by Alejandro Cerrudo for Little Mortal Jump, is Mishima/Closing.

I'd love to rewatch the film, definitely on a big screen, so I'll keep an eye out for an earlybird showing at the Music Box someday, so I don't risk dozing off :D

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