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This review may contain spoilers.

just to get it out of the way: aside from Inside Llewyn Davis, ive never been a big fan of carey mulligan. that being said i think she is really good in this movie. i also think the score is really good.

after watching the movie, before writing this review, i noticed that a lot of the guys i follow rate this really highly, but a lot of the women i follow have it at 2 stars or less. i wanted to get a good perspective of people's views before i wrote anything myself.

a lot of what this movie does is clever but the core idea of the "drunk fake-out" seems a little...weak sauce to me? and almost designed for idiot dudes like me to be like "oh she didn't murder him or anything which would be bad but she gave him a stern talking so now he'll think twice about being creepy" and pat ourselves on the back for being on cassie's side. but the more you think about her modus operandi, the less it makes sense.

the ending as well seemed to want to present itself as this moment where the whole audience is meant to go "ah ha! you're going to jail shitbag!" but he's just murdered someone (in a scene that was really disturbingly long) and making a big comedy gotcha scene out of the end felt really disrespectful to the subject matter

maybe i'm looking at it the wrong way and tbh i'm well aware that im an idiot but after liking it a lot and thinking it was a 4-star movie, the last third just really missed the mark.

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