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  • Alucarda



    alucarda was so wacky & silly for saying “are you afraid of dying? i mean dying loving each other, dying together so we may live as one forever, with the same blood always flowing through our veins. darling, darling justine... i live in you. would you die for me? i love you so. i have never been in love with anyone and never shall... unless it’s with you” to justine like 15 minutes after they met. also the demonic possession or whatever. definitely wacky & silly for that too

  • Pickpocket



    This only my first Bresson film but he’s already living up to everything I’ve heard about him. Though the film transparently makes a point of not being a thriller, Bresson’s style here is so incredibly gorgeous from the first second to the last that it’s still hard not to piss yourself out of excitement. The camera feels almost like an extension of the actors, the movements of both being subtle and measured in a way that’s kind of... satisfying? Bresson’s…

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  • Swing Kids

    Swing Kids


    This review was originally going to be “Anything that uses Modern Love by David Bowie is instantly a masterpiece,” but I googled it and it’s also in Riverdale so now I have nothing.

  • Parasite



    This film should be terrible. It’s a big ol’ mixing bowl of different genres, ideas, and absolutely zero subtlety. Sometimes it’s terrifying; sometimes it’s hilarious. Sometimes it’s morbid; sometimes it’s upbeat. Sometimes it’s all of them at the same time but it just works. Parasite doesn’t care about defining itself. Bong set his own rules and I have no clue how he did it.