The Matrix

The Matrix ★★★★★

I've seen this film maybe 2 or 3 times prior to today at home but for some reason I always forget almost everything about it even though I know it's good. Maybe it's because I saw it at a cinema this time but I can finally see this as the damn near perfect masterpiece it truly is.
I thought in terms of world building it actually handles that stuff pretty well. There's a lot of stuff it needs to talk you through and some of that can be quite complicated, but the use of exposition never actually overcomplicates it either making it surprising easy to follow. It still has some of the coolest action sequences of all time as well, in fact it's just one of the coolest movie universes period allowing you to get completely swept up in all of it, I even found myself actively questioning the philosophy of it compared to the real world whilst watching because its that effective. I love a film that makes you use your brain whilst being large scale blockbuster entertainment at the same time. Almost makes you wanna jump right into the screen and live in the Matrix if it weren't for the.. well you know humanity being enslaved and all that.
I've always avoided the sequels as I thought this worked quite well as a standalone piece and I didn't want that experience to be ruined because I've heard some pretty bad things about them, but actually I'm more intrigued than anything to learn more about the world before Resurrections drops, which looks pretty fucking dope!