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Kayla Myers


programmer, writer, and maybe a filmmaker, but always a mom friend.

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  • Space Sweepers

    Space Sweepers


    The most fun I've had watching a movie in awhile, and found family will always warm my heart. also, more movies should blend languages like this, probably its most interesting aspect.

  • The Family Stone

    The Family Stone

    I love lesbian Rachel McAdams, we need more of her and this messy movie will always be one of my holiday faves; not a recent rewatch, just logging

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  • Fast Color

    Fast Color


    I think, in some ways, part of the reason I've always enjoyed the supernatural, the superhero, or just the fantastic is that when you grow up just a little too fat and a little too afraid of taking up space, you're drawn to the things that show people also like you that have power that makes them different, that makes them better, and that gives them strength. I always wanted powers and Fast Color illustrates what it's like to have…

  • Support the Girls

    Support the Girls


    I don’t think I’ve loved an ending to a movie as much as I loved the ending to this movie. This movie is so lovely and so anchored by Regina Hall’s performance. There are so many stereotypical ways that a film like this has been done, but Support the Girls feels so real and has such empathy and love for its characters. 

    Also, I love Haley Lu Richardson so much, like I see her and my heart is warm. Did you know that she proposed to her fiancé? And now that it’s midnight, it’s officially my birthday and my first review as a 23 year old!!