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This review may contain spoilers.

William Burke: Candyman ain't a He. Candyman's the whole damn hive. If you're out here looking for Candyman, you ask me, stay away!!! | So my partner and I took my aunt to see the new Candyman tonight for her birthday 🥳 and we all loved it so much | let me just say this !! HOLLLLY FUCK THIS WAS AMAZING!! I’m not kidding I literally went in with the lowest expectations and this blew me away !! Like complete home fucking RUN !!! Ball outta the park !! Nia DaCosta did such a phenomenal job directing this honestly it was flawless!! I was nervous when I knew Jordan Peele was part of this because his movies IMO are a hit or miss but I’m just glad this was a hit and not a miss !! Let’s talk about those amazing shots at the start of the film which flips everything upside down in reverse like a mirrored image was such a brilliant idea!! This was done in such a classy way and such of still twisting in the realism of our reality of racism up to date and even dating back to such horrible times. How the system is corrupted and still is and changed doesn’t seem to ever be a resolved matter because nothing ever does change. So much deep hidden meanings that lye within this makes so much sense if you pay enough attention. This isn’t just about the Candyman this is about everyone !! I loved how this was basically a sequel like the way it intertwines with the original Candyman 1992 had me so damn hyped it was unreal!! I was screaming and living for those moments!! To hear the voices of Virginia Madsen & Tony Todd was so thrilling !! This film just runs so smoothly that you don’t really find any dull moments and I must say the light humour works so well with this horror film because Candyman is no joke y’all 💀 that shit still irl spooks me lmfao !! The light humour was so appreciated to lighten the mood because this film is dark as fuck !! The entire cast was great in this which really took me by surprise and I loved it!! It’s so nice when the idea from an original film can be made into something of equal quality!! Like it did our OG film Candyman proud 🥲!! Like I could totally rewatch this again already that’s how impressed I was !! I honestly recommend watching this in the theatres because once again we had such a awesome fun crowd and it just really makes the experience so much more interesting and enjoyable!! The entertainment alone plus the crowd together makes it so much fun. Because y’all are getting scared together then y’all are laughing the next minute!! It’s all about the ups & downs !! If you didn’t like this or even somewhat appreciate what was done here y’all don’t even speak to me !! Jk I respect everyone’s opinions but don’t sleep on this film guys !! It’s important & brings a lot of light to our society now and back then !! I dare you to say his name !! Boom 💥!!! | Candyman: I am the writing on the wall, the sweet smell of blood. Be my victim.
🪒🍬🍯🐝🪝💀 | the ending tho guys is everything we all wanted 👀 | 🪞 👩🏼‍🦱🍬🍯🐝🪝💀 | honestly they had such mad respect for the original movie and it really goes to show it !! Because for me the original will always be my favourite and go to film but this did rather well for what it’s worth !!

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