Tenet ★★

Early on in the movie, there's a scene where a woman scientist is explaining the central conceit of the movie and says something like "Don't try to understand it." This doubles as a handy lens through which to watch this movie!

Tenet made me think back about all the time travel movies I watched as a freshman in college that blew my damn MIND at the time. Movies like Primer or Donnie Darko that sent me googling "MOVIE ENDING EXPLAINED" and reading Reddit threads for weeks, searching for a linear explanation.

But Tenet isn't any of those movies and I'm an adult now, so what started as a pretty novel concept soon lost me, and I just didn't care? Like it's not that complicated but still didn't really make sense and that was whatever. Imagining how mad I would've been if I paid to see this in a theater. Oh well, dust in the wind