• The Last Thing Mary Saw

    The Last Thing Mary Saw


    This is was amazing. Mythology, overt religiousity, lesbians "good for her-ing," Rory Culkin, true love in the face of oppression.

    It is a slow build but the pot simmers over and almost EXPLODES in your face.


  • Hotel Monterey

    Hotel Monterey


    Criterion Challenge 2022: film 16 Directed by Chantal Akerman

    Artistically silent (no music, no noise) exploration of a working hotel. Everyone looks morose. Everything feels uncanny.

    This is probably someone's favorite movie. That person is not me...

  • Curfew



    Pretty fast 85 minute home invasion/ escaped mental patient vehicle. It’s fine, but nothing to put it over something like Alone in the Dark or The Strangers.

  • Rubber's Lover

    Rubber's Lover


    Strange cyberpunky insanity. For lovers of Tetsuo and Eraserhead!

    Free on youtube currently

  • Head



    Criterion Challenge: Film 14. Genre: Musical/Music Themed

    “Nobody lends money to a man with a sense of humor.” Peter

    So I was out of music related Criterion’s that I have had on my to watch list. Luckily, I had the BBS set that I bought when it was first released and had put some revisits on my list. Having no knowledge of The Monkeys, I skipped this on initial watch. What a shame!

    I still don’t know much about the…

  • Master of the World

    Master of the World


    Cavepeople-sploitation is not a genre I knew about, not is it one I need to ever see again.

    The music and grunting gave me a headache. There are no characters. Ick.

    The gore earned it the only point I gave it.

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage


    People suck. This movie is hilarious and fun. People are like “boohoo it’s not MCU.” 

    Pfft grow up, this movie is the best gay representation in comic movies. I love it!


  • The Blood Spattered Bride

    The Blood Spattered Bride


    Pretty cool psycho-sexual Carmilla retelling. Cool locations, bloody kills, reality questioning fun....all rolled up in a gothic aesthetic. Very fun!

  • Fortress of Amerikkka

    Fortress of Amerikkka


    There is an interesting movie floating around in this mess....somewhere? It just needed another pass on a rewrite to undo the kitchen sink mentality of "dang wouldn't it be cool if..." vibe and replace with a narrative that moves.

    Speaking of moving...we should edit this again as well and cut about 15 minutes out of it. Maybe cut some (or a lot) of the gratuitous and constant nudity? Even if you cut 15 minutes of boobs and sex, you'd still…

  • Sister Street Fighter

    Sister Street Fighter


    Week 4: Jan. 22-Jan. 28
Sonny Chiba Week
    Though we lost him to COVID in August 2021, Sonny Chiba left a huge mark on the cinematic world, first as a prolific actor in Japanese cinema in everything from yakuza movies to samurai films and even some more dramatic roles, eventually becoming a well known name across the world. Check out one of his movies this week, which would have been his 83rd birthday (January 22nd).

    Sister Street Fighter is frantic! The…

  • Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror Nite

    Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror Nite


    AGFA, you Devil…

    This is a bizarre mixtape that will literally fry your brain.

    This is not for most people, but, if you are curious, this is grindhouse art!

  • The Night Eats the World

    The Night Eats the World


    Wow! This is the film young me wanted when I saw 28 Days Later. I recognize that that film is probably better, but it is such an old story...."Ohhhhh, look at how MAN is the true enemy."

    Heck no, I want the zombies to be the TRUE enemy. Oh and the protagonist. We can get some person vs. self action going on, where isolation makes our friend go a little batty.

    The direction is spectacular, the music choices and sound in general put this one in the masterpiece realm for me.