Karsten has written 3 reviews for films rated during 2021.

  • Crash


    It's like Magnolia, but shit.


    Seriously though, this is unbelievably terrible, and it baffles me how something like this could ever be considered for Best Picture, let alone win. The script is fucking atrocious. A tedious web of hollow plot threads, featuring characters that never feel like real human beings, and riddled with absolutely horrendous dialogue. And don't even get me started on the utterly vacuous racial commentary. Worst of all, it's delivered in such an obnoxiously heavy handed…

  • Justice League

    Justice League

    Watching this back-to-back with Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman was a jarring experience, considering just how tonally, visually, and thematically disparate they are from this film. And while I'm by no means a fan of either the movies I just mentioned, they at the very least felt like the result of a genuine artistic ambition, misguided it may be. This, however, feels utterly vapid and completely directionless, likely due in large part to the troubled production. The plot…

  • Antebellum


    Shallow, exploitative, and ill-conceived on just about every level. For a film that tries so hard to frame itself as progressive and pro-black, it seems to treat its black characters with the same amount of humanity as the actual racists in the film; reducing them to nothing more than bodies to be maimed for the purpose of shock value and the directors' self-satisfaction. The script is also a mess, with a non-linear structure that doesn't work in the slightest and an absolutely abdominal twist. Throw this in the trash where it belongs.