My Winnipeg

My Winnipeg ★★★★★

This is how I would like to remember my city, a surreal documentary just like My Winnipeg. A mythical intersection between truth and fantasy. Besides as I get older the truth becomes fuzzier and the fantasy becomes bolder. What is more important, the story of my city or it's microfiche and records? Does it really matter, either way? We know in our hearts that the dirt was drenched with blood, tears of pain then flooded it all away and from the corpses of indigenous peoples and criminals did a city grow and take hold. We know because it feels heavy and dark and lurks in the shadows of our souls. Why do you think we all drink so much? That is my Sydney. And It's funny how your parents have a habit of being exactly who you think they are until you no longer know who they ever really were... but that is another story.

Guy Maddin is a genius.