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"Favorites" is just four I really like. Who has four favorite films?

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  • The Sins of Love

    The Sins of Love


    Takes awhile to warm up: at first seems to be a standard actress's-jealous-older-husband (jealous of the Romeo who can't keep away from his Juliet) with director and cast going through the motions. But when Josef Rovenský is finally allowed to let loose in his Emil Jannings rôle the movie improves significantly. Gaston Jacquet does a good Adolphe Menjou impression as well.

  • A Piece of Sky

    A Piece of Sky


    A handsome, beautifully-acted, big-hearted film about the punishment meted out to a nonconformist in early 20th-century Armenia. Any parallels that could be drawn to Armenia in 1980 were, of course, unintented by the filmmakers.

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  • The Bodyguard

    The Bodyguard


    The Stalker drives Andrei Rublev through stark Tadjik terrain while Eduard Artemev scores: Khamraev's gathered the Tarkovsky gang for one of his "Easterns." A manly man kind of movie, all arduous journeys, gun battles, fistfights, and tough dialogues - though Gulya Tashbayeva's headdress is the image likely to leave the most lasting impression. It's not very deep but it's entertaining and it looks terrific.

  • The Cry

    The Cry


    The only "New Wave" that mattered.