I love movies from the 1930s and 1940s. I adore snappy dialogue and playful banter from any era, any genre.

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  • Way Back Home

    Way Back Home


    I watched this for Bette Davis, who had a small part opposite Frank Albertson. Even though she didn't have much to do, you can sense her energy and potential. The movie on the other hand was too dry and boring. The opening scene went on forever as did a few others. I enjoy charming, character-rich stories but this one was uneven.

    I understand Phillips Lord had a radio show as Seth Parker and he was a popular character. It makes…

  • Dinner at Eight

    Dinner at Eight


    Marie Dressler was fantastic! Jean Harlow was also very good. The scenes with John Barrymore slowed things down. He played this same character (or was it really himself?) in most of the movies I've seen him in. I think his story could have had the same impact if it had been tightened up.

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  • It



    Now I understand the whole Clara Bow "It" thing. She really WAS all that.

  • The Body Snatcher

    The Body Snatcher


    This was the last horror film that featured both Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. The story was disturbing but when you realize this was closer to reality than not...shiver.

    Karloff was the standout as a graverobber. Russell Wade was cute so I will be looking for more of his films! 😉